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Sacramento's Tuli Bistro delivers on the farm-fresh concept

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Around Sacramento, Tulí Bistro is known as the neighborhood restaurant with a bistro-style menu. Smack-dab in the middle of America's Farm-to-Fork Capital, it offers a diverse menu that takes full advantage of the fresh, seasonal produce available to chefs.

"At Tuli, we sort of cook from the hip, and it's more rustic," said Executive Chef Adam Pechal. "And we keep it as local as possible because we have such a great selection of produce to choose from that's local."

The chef and his team don't have to look too far to find all of that local produce. A majority comes from right up the road at Feeding Crane Farms. Founded in 2011, Feeding Crane Farms is the only certified organic, urban farm in Sacramento. They grow unique varieties that are gourmet quality and often end up on the menus of restaurants throughout the Sacramento area.

Continuing the connection between the restaurant and the farm, Adam has even begun partnering with Feeding Crane Farms to offer monthly classes featuring his favorite Northern California farms, as well as food and beverage producers.

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