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A lot of thought goes into shopping for local, fresh produce, but what if we had someone to do that for us? Enter Nigel Walker! Nigel owns and operates Eatwell Farms in the Sacramento Valley. It's a 105-acre, 20-employee farm that offers weekly organic produce boxes to its customers. So now, delivered to your doorstep every week, you can get an 8- to 15-pound box of seasonal fruits and vegetables – and instructions on how to cook up all that fresh produce, too.

The boxes are made up of 10 to 12 varieties of produce, of which 85 percent is grown right on the property.

"Our product is more than just a box," Nigel said. "You get a newsletter with healthy recipes to use the produce in, and by becoming a member, you are invited to come out to the farm for our events."

Eatwell Farms grows a variety of fruits, vegetables and herbs, and Nigel tries to include new items in the boxes every week. And this isn't just a seasonal garden, either. Winter crops, including cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, lettuce and more also make it into the boxes, as Nigel and his crew make deliveries 51 weeks per year.

"We are planting and harvesting every week," Nigel explained. "Between 750 to 800 boxes are sent to over 50 pick-up locations in Northern California."

The farm now has about 1,200 customers, mostly from the Bay Area.

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