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Hot dog stand relishes its success

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At the corner of La Brea and Melrose is where you'll find one of the biggest legends in Hollywood—Pink's Hot Dogs.

Believe it or not, this is the same site where the late Paul and Betty Pink started selling hot dogs from a $50 pushcart in 1939. Despite not even having electricity when they began, it wasn't long before a star was born and from these humble beginning came this—a place where it's not uncommon to see a line stretch down the street and the wait to be an hour long, anytime of day.

The shop is now run by the Pinks' children, Beverly and Richard, and Richard's wife, Gloria, and over the years, they have built up quite a reputation. As the locals say, if you haven't been to Pink's, you really haven't been to Hollywood!

One of the reasons for the popularity of Pink's is their location, which is close to several entertainment studios and downtown Hollywood, making it a hot spot for celebrities. Autographed pictures of nearly every star you can think of cover the walls here. And Pink's has become standard fare for movie wrap parties and talk show audiences, so you never know who you might see in line here or where you might see Pink's hot dogs being served.

Star sighting or not, a trip to Pink's is sure to be memorable and now more people are getting a chance to taste the legendary dogs, as Pink's is expanding. You can now get them at the iconic Los Angeles Greek Theatre, in Las Vegas or even at America's oldest amusement park in Bristol, Conn.

So how does a modest hot dog stand become the toast of Tinseltown and manage to outlast the careers of some of the stars that have eaten there? It's simple really: by providing one of the basic necessities of life—a really good hot dog.

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