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Reunited at Namu Gaji restaurant

San Francisco brothers keep things fresh by sticking to family traditions.

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Growing up in the suburbs of Boston, the Lee brothers—Dennis ("the chef"), Daniel ("the engineer") and David ("the musician")—spent many hours working at their mother's popular pan-Asian restaurant, Dah-Mee. Years later, after all three had moved one-by-one to San Francisco, they were naturally drawn to a reuniting of food and family.

Their vision was to create a dining experience that they felt was missing in San Francisco: a comfortable and personal space, featuring delicious and sustainable food that reaches beyond traditional culinary boundaries. Their mother taught them that a table needs three legs to stand and that they must stick together to accomplish their dreams. Namu Gaji is one of those dreams.

The Lee brothers are continually developing their love of food and community through their own one-acre farm in Sunol, across the bay from San Francisco. They work closely with the farmer, Kristyn Leach, who uses organic, biodynamic and permaculture practices to provide fresh, hand-grown vegetables and Asian herbs for the Namu Gaji tables.

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