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Sacramento chef Patrick Mulvaney cooks up fresh approach to eating local

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What's better than dining with one of the Sacramento region's leading farm-to-fork chefs? How about cooking alongside him? This is the opportunity dozens of Northern California foodies had recently when they signed up to partake in The Great Chefs Program at the University of California, Davis.

Patrick Mulvaney has owned Culinary Specialists in Sacramento since 2001. In the early 1990s, the native New Yorker came to Napa and fell in love with the Central Valley and its bounty of food artisans. He decided to make Sacramento his home, working at some of the city's finest establishments, including Paragary's and The Kitchen. In 2005, he opened Mulvaney's B&L in Sacramento. B&L has a menu that features local, fresh and organic ingredients.

When Mayor Kevin Johnson proclaimed Sacramento as the nation's "farm-to-fork capital," it was Patrick Mulvaney he tapped to help begin the effort to promote a city initiative to make use of the locally grown bounty in homes and restaurants.

Because he is a regional expert on the farm-to-fork movement, it only made sense that the UC Davis College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences invited Patrick to be part of their ongoing Great Chefs series. The event was the second of the institute's Great Chefs program, which brings professional chefs to the UC Davis campus for a day of education on locally and sustainably produced products.

Participants prepared a meal with Patrick in the Innovations Kitchen, and then enjoyed the fruits of their labor over lunch together. Attendees were also treated to a lecture from the chef, as well as food, wine and beer.

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