Califonia Bountiful

Tips for creating hanging baskets of herbs

May/June 2015 California Bountiful magazine

Add planting areas to your garden—by going up!

Why create a hanging basket of herbs? The benefits are many! Not only does it allow you more gardening space (vertically), but plants at eye level give the garden another dimension. You don't have to bend over to care for plants, plus it's convenient to step outside and snip off a few sprigs for cooking or decorating. In addition to the tips below, my main story in this issue shows three types of hanging baskets: traditional, as shown here, as well as an ornamental sphere and how to attach pots to create a unique type of hanging herb garden.

  • Use a variety of herbs, combining those that grow upright with herbs that hang or creep along the ground.
  • Plant the basket with herbs you will use. All herbs respond well to constant cutting, and there's nothing better than fresh oregano and parsley in a pasta sauce!
  • Plant the basket as full as possible.
  • Use a soil mix with plenty of organic matter.
  • Water gently at first to get all of the soil moistened. Let the water drain out the bottom, and then water again.
  • Hang the basket where it will get some protection from the hot afternoon sun.
  • Water once a day, or twice in really hot weather.

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