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Soil-free farming

Sundial Farm in San Diego keeps things fresh with hydroponics

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Sundial Farm began as an idea to grow fresh, healthy produce at the Keany family's orchid nursery in north San Diego. They opted for hydroponics—growing plants in water, without soil—as a result of the continuing need for water conservation in California. The Keanys found that growing hydroponic vegetables in their greenhouses fulfilled both their highest production needs as well as their commitment to good food with low water use. In addition, the Mediterranean climate of Vista provides natural sunlight and moderate temperatures to create ideal growing conditions without the need for artificial lighting.
Today, the family has found success growing butter lettuce, kale, collard greens and fresh herbs such as basil and arugula, and selling to local stores and restaurants. One of the family's biggest selling points is that their produce is harvested with the roots still attached so the plant is still growing and alive—and will stay fresh longer than most greens.

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