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Market Watch with Timaree Hagenburger: Cilantro

Cilantro adds its signature pungency to dishes around the globe.

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Timaree Hagenburger is a registered dietitian with a master's degree in public health. She also is a nutrition professor at Cosumnes River Community College in Sacramento and a food lover who likes sharing tips and tricks on how to enjoy fresh California fruits and vegetables. This week's segment revolves around cilantro.

Cilantro is one of the most popular herbs around, and it's widely used in savory dishes in almost all parts of the world. The herb contains many notable plant-derived chemical compounds that are known for disease prevention and promoting health.

Cilantro is very low in calories and contains no cholesterol. Its deep-green leaves contain antioxidants, essential oils, vitamins and dietary fiber, which help reduce LDL or "bad cholesterol" while raising HDL or "good cholesterol" levels.


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