Califonia Bountiful

From the editors: Who knew?

July/August 2015 California Bountiful magazine


Living in California, we aren't typically surprised by the state's diversity—in food, people, landscape, climate, the list goes on. Differences on so many levels bring opportunity for finding the unexpected in any given region, at any time.

The stories in this issue reflect what may look like traditional tales, but each with a twist. For example, meet a former international asset manager who now creates farmstead gelato—from water buffalo milk; a rice farmer whose fields help strengthen young salmon for their migratory journey; a chef who emphasizes local bounty in Italian cuisine; and an entrepreneur who makes and delivers fresh salads in jars. There's more from a food-festival organizer with personality plus, garlic farmers whose crop is dehydrated to become a kitchen staple and folks who ferment food for the health of it.

You'll also find all of our regular features, such as our gardening column, Fresh Ideas products and "A la carte" news medley. But this magazine is a bit like a trip across California—so be on the lookout for the unexpected at every turn (of the page)!

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