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The tastiest new vegetable you've probably never heard of!

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It's not often we find a brand-new vegetable in the produce aisle, but when we do and it's grown here in California, you know we're going to check it out!

The vegetable, named Kalette, is also known as a flower pop or kale lollipop. But what is it? Well, it combines the trendiest vegetable of the moment—kale—with one of the most underappreciated vegetables (at least by kids)—Brussels sprouts—to create one cute and compact little package.

The hybrid was made by cross-planting kale and sprout varieties for nearly 15 years before yielding the Kalette, which looks kind of like kale in the body of a Brussels sprout.

It is the first new vegetable to be introduced to the grocery store since broccolini in 1993, and helping to bring the Kalette to consumers is Ocean Mist. The company's farmers are excited to be growing this new vegetable on their farms.

"They're like my babies here," said Central Coast farmer Jacob Perez. "I look after them all day long. They're like my children away from home."

Kalettes thrive in the cool coastal weather of the Salinas Valley, as well as the Coachella Valley. They grow on a stalk, just like Brussels sprouts, but with an extra leafy exterior that is removed during harvest to reveal the true essence of the vegetable. The high nutritional value of kale has been carried over and combined with a sweeter, milder Brussels sprout taste that leads to many cooking options.

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