Califonia Bountiful

From the editors: Artful presentations

Mar./Apr. 2016 California Bountiful magazine

There is art and majesty throughout California farms and ranches: a flourishing row of crops, cattle grazing on a hillside, colorful ingredients ready to adorn a plate … the list goes on.

On the following pages, we celebrate art that starts on the farm. Read about Los Angeles-based food blogger Julie Lee, who creates stunning fruit and vegetable photo collages that are social media sensations, and website designer Theresa Sheridan from Clovis, as she lends artistic support to the cause My Job Depends on Ag.

You'll get a chuckle from Fort Bragg artist Peter Gealey's crop-inspired characters and see a similar touch of whimsy in the dishes of chef Shaun Behrens at San Luis Obispo's Luna Red restaurant.

At Three Babes Bakeshop in San Francisco, longtime friends bake pies that can be described as mouthwatering works of art. To the north in Mendocino County, another set of friends started Pennyroyal Farm, where they craft award-winning cheeses, make wine and open their gates for visitors to enjoy their gorgeous property.

Broccoli shows an artsy side too, in our feature about a family's Santa Cruz County-based farm and its sister restaurant. Also, we invite you to glimpse a rainbow of radish colors in Gardening and "sense"-sational photographs in the new column, Take 5.

Yes, California is full of beauty and art—and much of it begins on the farm.

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