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Mar./Apr. 2016 California Bountiful magazine

Website creator melds technology and agriculture

Theresa Sheridan creates websites and print and marketing materials for agriculture-related clients, including My Job Depends On Ag.

Theresa Sheridan has always felt a connection to rural living. In her work as a website designer, she follows that passion by focusing on clients tied to agriculture. Now living in Clovis and with hundreds of projects to her name, Sheridan promotes her business with the slogan: "Web, Print & Marketing for the Western World." She also trains horses and volunteers for My Job Depends on Ag, which started as a Facebook group in the Central Valley to show how agriculture touches so many people's lives.

Your own website includes projects from cooking sauces to cattle ranches. What has been the most fun for you?

I have such great clients, they are all so much fun, but I would have to say the work I do with My Job Depends on Ag is the most rewarding. It has expanded my knowledge of agriculture and given me the opportunity to help promote it and tell people about where their food comes from and from whom.

How did you first hear about My Job Depends on Ag?

I joined the Facebook group in May 2015, when it had 1,500 members. It intrigued me, because so many don't realize the domino effect of agriculture. The number of off-farm jobs that are dependent on agriculture is mind-boggling, which I knew given my occupation, but I was curious to see where this group was headed.

What are your current volunteer duties for My Job Depends on Ag? 

I built and now manage the website, help moderate the Facebook group and do most of the management of the Facebook "Cause" page. I encourage people to write for our website: We are trying to accumulate a knowledge base of articles, sharing the stories of farmers and ranchers all over the U.S.

What do you hope to achieve from your involvement?

I hope my volunteer work for My Job Depends on Ag inspires others to get involved. Nothing will change by itself; we all have to use our voice as best we can to make a difference.


More about My Job Depends on Ag:

The two men behind My Job Depends on Ag started the grassroots effort as a way to tell people about California agriculture, which supports more than 2.5 million jobs statewide. My Job Depends on Ag grew beyond the state's boundaries and includes stories of farmers and ranchers everywhere. The group now has more than 50,000 Facebook fans, an interactive website and an international following.

According to cofounder, farmer and business owner Erik Wilson, "My Job Depends on Ag's mission is to highlight the true scope of what agriculture brings to the economy. We also want to inform the public as to why farming and ranching throughout California is critical to the entire country."

Cofounder and farm equipment salesman Steve Malanca concurs. "I hope that My Job Depends on Ag becomes the tool needed to educate those outside of agriculture to make them aware of how and where their food comes from, and to show that farmers care about our environment and use water as efficiently as possible," he said.

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