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From the editors: California connections

May/June 2016 California Bountiful magazine

California Connections

"Connected" is more than just a buzzword to describe the appeal of social media. It's at the very heart of our human experience. And maybe not surprisingly, it's how farmers and ranchers help make the Golden State a unique and pleasurable place to live.

In this issue of California Bountiful, you'll read about a couple who serves locally sourced food in a restaurant they opened specifically to foster community connections. At a restaurant in another part of the state, a farmer delivers ingredients for meals and also tends to tableside planters where staff and diners can pluck edible plants—further strengthening the link between farm and fork.

In the heart of what is now Silicon Valley, a donated family farm has become a 287-acre park, serving as a bridge for visitors to experience and appreciate the area's history as a bustling agricultural hub. Stories in this issue also highlight a Central Valley town that celebrates the apricots for which it is named, a family whose cherries are the hit of the farmers market and an unusual location for city kids to learn where their food comes from.

These are all places where relationships are forged, connections are made.

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