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In honor of Josie

Family celebrates deep roots in farming

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For Rod Braga, walking the fields at his farm in Salinas is nothing new. This is the same fertile land where his grandparents, young Swiss immigrants Sebastian and Josie Braga, first planted roots in farming in the 1920s. Now, the third generation of Bragas, including Rod, are keeping their high standards for quality, integrity and sustainability in mind as they continue the farming tradition.

Their newest project involves launching a line of organic vegetables named after Rod's grandmother, Josie. "Josie's Organics" includes beets, cilantro, spinach, romaine lettuce and sweet baby broccoli, to name a few. And to get people excited about cooking with their fresh vegetables, the family has enlisted the help of chef and lifestyle expert Chadwick Boyd. One way he is doing this is by turning home cooks on to something called "whole vegetable cooking," which encourages the use of the leaves, bulbs, stalks and skins that we normally might throw away.

This idea of cooking is just one more way the Braga family is hoping to bring their family's pride and joy—their produce—to other families' tables to enjoy. And both Chadwick and the Braga family hope that with the new line of Josie's Organics, they will continue to honor her commitment to family and community, and make it easier than ever to include fresh vegetables in each and every meal.

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