Califonia Bountiful

Peach perfection

July/August 2016 California Bountiful magazine

A grower's tips

"I like the variety of the summer—that is what excites me as a customer when I go look at produce," said Daniel Jackson of Family Tree Farms, who grows fruit with his family in Reedley. He shared some of his favorite varieties:

White peaches: "Availability of white-flesh peaches is pretty consistent throughout the season and they are all very good. The Pink Moon is a really large peach and kind of has a crispness to it, but is still juicy. If you like something sweet, that would be the one I would go for. Pearl Princess, which is available at the end of June, is large, has a pink skin and it is very, very in high sugar. The Snow White is another great peach, with a large size."

Yellow peaches: "Yellow-flesh is typically going to be better for a pie. For a traditional peach pie, I would use a variety that has high sugar and a little bit higher acid. Early Rich is a really good yellow peach that is great for baking."

Flat peaches: "These are naturally flat and donut-shaped and include white and yellow-flesh varieties. They are fun to eat because you can put your finger in the middle and eat around it. They are really interesting and there are some really neat varieties out there. They start coming off at the beginning of June, they take a little break in July, and then come back in August through September. It's an ancient variety, but farmers started planting a lot more of them about 10 years ago."

Farmer's favorite: "My favorite flat peach variety is the Peach Pie, which has no blush on it. It is an amazing variety that once you eat it, you never forget it. The Peach Pie is a yellow-flesh flat and still relatively new. It's like an heirloom peach variety that we found out of some genetics back east and we brought those genetics here, started growing them and love the way it tastes—it tastes like a peach that was in your grandpa's backyard. That peach is very unique in that it doesn't have any blush on it at all. It is a golden yellow. There are so many different varieties and they all look different, but you need to look for a variety that has a good background color on it."

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