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From the editors: Change that inspires

Sept./Oct. 2016 California Bountiful magazine

Change that inspires

As summer's sear gradually gives way to cooler days and turning colors, the shift in seasons reminds us that change is the only constant.

In California, we're no stranger to change. In fact, we thrive through constant reinvention. In this issue, we bring you plenty of examples of the power of constant change to inspire creativity and growth—on the farm and beyond.

We profile a university dean of agriculture who oversees an evolving curriculum and a working farm that's endured as a dense urban landscape sprang up around it. We learn about cutting-edge DNA technology that's helping ensure the integrity of California-grown luxury cotton products throughout the global supply chain. We meet a farmer's daughter who creates new beginnings for old wood, wire and other discards, transforming them into upcycled home décor. We take a look at how tastes change over time, following the old-fashioned yet trendy persimmon through history. California Bountiful's gardening expert even shows us how to embrace the changing seasons by displaying timely produce centerpieces. And we learn how making habits out of a few healthy changes can boost wellness.

Sometimes, change is difficult. The changing role of native juniper in California's forests is a testament to our need to adapt with the times, but also a reminder that change brings opportunity—especially if you know how to look for it. And a farming family in California's far north shows us that finding new ways to help nature succeed can ensure that our future, though different, will continue to provide a safe, welcoming place for the things we value most.

The people we've met to bring you these stories have inspired us here at California Bountiful to meet change head-on. One season ending and another beginning promises to send new surprises our way. We're ready for them, and we're glad to have you along for the ride.

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