Califonia Bountiful

From the editors: Taking time for gratitude

Nov./Dec. 2016 California Bountiful magazine

Change that inspires

This time of year features no shortage of lists: shopping lists, guest lists, to-do lists, naughty-or-nice lists, Best of 2016 lists. Despite packed schedules, we like to squeeze in time to also count our blessings, and high on our list of reasons to be thankful is the fact that we live in one of the world's most productive agricultural regions.

The food on our celebration tables, the flowers that brighten our homes, the trees we decorate, the toasts we raise, the gifts we give, and the list goes on—so much of these wouldn't be possible without California farmers and ranchers.

And topping our wish list here at California Bountiful? Amidst the holiday hustle and bustle, we hope you find many moments and many causes for celebration, big and small.

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