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Bakery unites farming family's complementary pursuits

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There are few foods that delight the senses quite like bread that is fresh from the oven. And there are few places quite like the Suncoast Organic Bakery in Hollister. Situated on the family's farm, the bakery is a slice of heaven for owner Lisa Jensen, who loved to cook when she was younger and now gets to do it every day with her family's help.

Lisa's stepdad converted the family farm into the family bakery and also keeps the ingredients flowing into it, thanks to his love of the land. He tends to more than 500 olive trees that ultimately find their way into the bakery in the form of fresh olive oil.

What makes the Suncoast Bakery especially noteworthy is that they not only use all of their farm's 300 gallons of olive oil in a variety of baked goodies, but nearly every ingredient in their bread is grown on the family farm or other local farms. In addition, they're also milling most of their own flour and now they're even harvesting their own energy (in the form of solar panels) for the bustling family bakery.

Creating something from whatever she can get her hands on is what Lisa prides herself on. So now, bright and early on weekend mornings, you will find Lisa with her husband, sister and mom, along with family friends, baking up a storm. They're making up to 20 different types of breads, so there is definitely something for everyone here.

Opened less than four years ago, the tiny bakery has built a huge following, mostly through social media, where Lisa posts photos and updates followers on what will be coming out of the oven almost every hour. So far, people are eating up the idea of a neighborhood bakery in the middle of a farm.

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