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New San Francisco restaurant will bowl you over

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It is known to be slightly chilly in San Francisco, so what better way to cure the cool-weather blues than with a hot, fresh bowl of noodle soup? 

Noodle Me is a grab-and-go Asian bowl lunch spot from the team behind Hayes Valley restaurant Dobbs Ferry. Under the direction of partner and chef Mike Yakura, it started as a monthly pop-up inside Dobbs Ferry and now has grown into its own brick-and-mortar shop in downtown San Francisco.

Noodle Me's concept is for customers to build their own noodle bowls. First, you select what kind of noodles you'd like as the base (egg, rice or wheat), then you choose from various toppings and broths. The restaurant offers a couple of traditional broths as well as a mushroom one, and the team plans to always have a vegan and a gluten-free option.

"Every bowl is made-to-order and is personalized to your tastes and specifications," Mike said. "When you make a bowl of noodles, there are no wrong answers. Anything is possible!"

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