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The magic of heirloom beans

What's old is new again at this San Diego County farm!

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Heirlooms are objects of value passed through families or friends and are gifts for future generations, so when Mike Reeske started his farm, Rio Del Rey, there was no doubt heirloom beans would be the crop for him.

These days, Mike cultivates multiple varieties of rare heirloom beans on his Valley Center farm and works with some of the top chefs in San Diego County and throughout Southern California providing heirloom beans with particular flavors to complement their entrees. He also works with University of California researchers to determine what varieties of beans are naturally resistant to other bean pests and diseases and what will grow best in the local soils.

Rio Del Rey is the only commercial producer of dry heirloom bean in San Diego County and one of only a couple in Southern California. Mike is happy to share the magic of heirloom beans with visitors to his farm and with chefs throughout the region who might be looking for something new to add to their menu.

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