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Pat's 15-Minute Garden: Wine bottle vase

January/February 2018 California Bountiful magazine

Easily upcycle used wine bottles into vases

When you've drained the last drop of your favorite California wine, here's a quick and giftable craft idea for reusing the bottle. With just a few materials and about 15 minutes, you can transform used wine bottles into flower vases and matching candlesticks.

Cut wine bottles make inexpensive vases and interesting candlesticks.

These are great, inexpensive vases you won't mind giving away. You might find yourself giving flowers more often: as a hostess gift when you go to dinner at someone's home, for birthday gifts, to cheer up a sick friend or just for fun. When the flowers are from your own garden, it's a meaningful, personal and completely affordable way to spread the love. 

You will need one piece of special equipment: Wine bottle cutters are readily available online and range from $20 to more than $100, depending on features and accessories. Follow the directions that come with your device, always wear eye protection while cutting and use a dust mask when filing the sharp edges.

Happy crafting!

Pat Rubin


Materials needed

  • Wine bottles (labels removed, washed and dried)
  • Wine bottle cutter
  • Candle
  • Ice cubes
  • Safety glasses
  • Dust mask
  • Metal file or small battery-operated rotary tool (such as Dremel) with diamond cleaning/polishing bit




  • Make sure the wine bottle is thoroughly dry, inside and out. Otherwise, the residual water will prevent the cut from getting hot enough to break apart easily.
  • Use a dish towel or paper towels to hold the bottle when breaking it apart. Also, note that it may take a bit of strength to get the two pieces apart.
  • If using a rotary tool, be sure you use the drill bit that is for glass. 
  • Go outdoors to file the edges of the cuts because it creates glass dust.

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