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January/February 2018 California Bountiful magazine

Couple collaborates on strategies to streamline meal prep

Terese and Dionisio Esperas are Sacramento-based culinary consultants. Photo: Scott Monaco

They met in the late '90s when both were instructors at a Sacramento cooking school and kitchen store. Now they're partners in life and in business.

As owners of A Healthy Kitchen, Terese and Dionisio Esperas have spent nearly two decades collaborating on culinary services that range from catering and interactive dinner parties to cooking classes and corporate team building.

"She's the brains; I'm the brawn" is how Dionisio laughingly described the division of labor. Terese put it differently: "I tend to be more on the development side, and he is highly skilled on the execution side."

Either way, they're busy working parents whose own hectic schedules recently inspired them to launch a series of workshops themed "Prep once for healthy meals all week."

"Helping people get their families and themselves fed during the week—that's something we really enjoy," Terese said.

The hands-on workshops allow participants to spend a few hours preparing the components for the upcoming week's meals: "Generally, that's a couple of different types of healthy protein, a myriad of different vegetables, a healthy grain and some sauces to round it out—something really yummy that's going to tie everything together," Terese explained.

Participants leave the workshops with containers of prepped ingredients, a plan for the week and a selection of building-block recipes.

"The concept has really helped our own life strategies, having these things at the ready," Terese said. Dionisio added, "When we do that, it really helps the rest of the week go smoothly."

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