Califonia Bountiful

Know your blossom

January/February 2018 California Bountiful magazine

Whether driving the Fresno County Blossom Trail or around other agricultural areas of California, the sight of orchards in full springtime bloom can stop you in your tracks. Use this guide to identify the type of fruit or nut tree behind the springtime show.



Almond blossoms have white petals. Two or more varieties may be planted in the same orchard for cross-pollination by bees. Harvesting runs from late August to early October.

Plum blossoms are white. At least two varieties will be planted in an orchard for cross-pollination. More than 200 varieties are grown commercially. Harvested in June to late September.

Apricot blossoms have pink petals. Fewer than 12 varieties are grown commercially. Harvest season lasts two to three weeks during mid- to late May.

Peach and nectarine blossoms feature pink to red petals and bloom at the same time. More than 100 varieties are grown commercially. Harvest runs mid-May to October.

Apple blossoms have white petals. Up to six varieties are grown commercially in Fresno County. Harvest is August to November.

Citrus blossoms are white with an aromatic fragrance. Navel and Valencia oranges, along with lemons, are the most common citrus fruits grown locally.

Blossom descriptions courtesy of Fresno County Blossom Trail


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