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Farm-to-Fork Festival

California's capital showcases bounty of local food

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California is the largest agricultural producer in the country, and at the heart is the Sacramento region. It's been an agricultural powerhouse for more than a century, boasting a year-round growing season, ideal climate and mouthwatering bounty of crops—everything from pears and winegrapes in the delta to tomatoes and rice in the valley.

It's no wonder that, in 2012, the area proclaimed itself America's Farm-to-Fork Capital. And on one special day each year, downtown Sacramento is the place to experience the concept in real life—at the Farm-to-Fork Festival.

Sacramento's designation as Farm-to-Fork Capital is fairly new, but the city's culinary roots were planted during the Gold Rush when appetites of newly wealthy miners needed to be satisfied. Sacramento delivered then, as it does now at the annual festival—delivering local farms, food, drinks and so much more.

The free gathering has become one of the state's largest one-day food events. The most recent festival attracted more than 65,000 people, all of whom descended on Capitol Mall with one mission: to eat great food, talk about eating great food and meet the people feeding them all that great food!

For an area that was once in the food shadow of the Bay Area, there are so many reasons for Sacramento to celebrate its legacy and future as a premier food destination in California.

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