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Avocados 101

Learn the tips and tricks to working with avocados

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There are two questions that inevitably come up when you're talking about avocados. The first: How can I tell when an avocado is ripe? Then: How can I keep my avocado from turning brown? I shall answer both of these questions!

After doing several stories on avocados over the years, one telltale sign of ripeness I've learned has to do with the stem. If the stem is still in the avocado and comes out easily and you see green underneath the stem, it's ripe. If it doesn't come out, it's not ripe enough. And if it falls out: Beware, it may be overripe.

Now, for how to keep an avocado from turning brown, everyone has their own trick. Mine is the onion. That's right! Whether you use green, yellow or white onions, they will keep your avocados that beautiful green hue for a while. Just take your avocado and some onions, and place all in an airtight container. The sulfur dioxide in the onions (the same stuff that makes us cry) actually prevents the browning of our beloved avocado.

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