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From the editors: A journey of discovery

March/April 2018 California Bountiful magazine

With sunny skies and rich soil, California's heart beats in its bountiful fields

In California, there's always something to discover: something new, something surprising, something as unique as each person living in our diverse state.

But one thing that remains steady is our distinction in producing some of the best food and farm products in the world. With sunny skies and rich soil, California's heart beats in its bountiful fields. No matter where you travel up and down the state, you're never far from fertile farms and brimming tables.

Discover the bounty growing in the fields and pastures of our state, as we bring you stories of what's fresh:

A quintessentially California vegetable is at peak season, and has no shortage of admirers. Hops growing makes a comeback in the state where it was once tops, propelled by Californians' interest in craft beer. A fifth-generation farming family finds new, delicious ways to connect with customers by launching their own line of inventively flavored almonds and nut butters. Meet urban students getting a hands-on education in growing food while helping solve hunger. Plus, the surprising and delectable way most California-grown baby lima beans are eaten these days.

Discover all that and more of California's bounty in our pages, and join the conversation online at and @cabountiful on social media.

There's something new to explore every day in this bountiful state, and we'd love to discover it with you.

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