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Wine 101: Common questions

With the help of an expert, we answer common questions about wine

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If you're a novice when it comes to tasting wine or if you're not even sure which wine you might like, Jody Bogle of Bogle Vineyards has a suggestion: "Think about the fruits you like and go from there."

For example, if you like apples or pears, you most likely will enjoy the "fruity" chardonnay. If you like raspberries, you might prefer a "jammy" cabernet sauvignon. And if you're partial to blackberries or blueberries, you might like a bold petite syrah.

If you hear that a wine is "fruit forward," Jody explains that means "it's the first thing you taste in the wine. You taste the characteristics that come from the grapes rather than from the winemaking or storage techniques."

Jody adds that when in doubt about wine, keep tasting! Wine is a personal decision, with no right or wrong answer as to which will become your favorite.

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