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Salt Wood Kitchen and Oysterette

Neighborhood restaurant cooks up area's bounty

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There is a cornucopia of breathtaking scenery around every turn in Monterey County. From Carmel by the Sea to Cannery Row to the Salinas Valley, this area is a feast for the eyes. But a little less known is the town of Marina—until Chef David Baron arrived in 2017. Hoping to make it a feast for your stomach, and offering an authentic representation of what the area is all about, he is at the helm of the area's newest restaurant: Salt Wood Kitchen and Oysterette. It's a neighborhood restaurant whose neighborhood just happens to be some of the most abundant and fertile farmland in the world. So when they say they use fresh, local ingredients here, they're not kidding!

From local seafood to local wine to local produce from "The Salad Bowl of the World," every dish here is a work of art. Chef David, a Bay Area native who worked with some of the top chefs there, is big on using local ingredients as the canvas on which to create unique and appetizing dishes and, of course, for highlighting the work of local farmers such as Schoch Family Farmstead and Swank Farms.

So, from putting Marina on the culinary map to teaching his co-workers about the nuances of every ingredient, the pursuit of the perfect plate drives this teacher, mentor and chef. And making each meal memorable both in the kitchen and at the table is a labor of love.

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