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Top Round restaurant is tops in the Bay Area

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In a flashback to yesteryear, with its nostalgic-themed dining room, Top Round attempts to answer the age-old question: Where's the beef? In this case, the beef is piled high on two soft buttered buns and served to order at one of San Francisco's newest eateries in the Mission District.

Founded in 2013 in Los Angeles by four chefs, including Steven Fretz, Top Round was created to fill the niche of good old-fashioned sandwiches like the chefs remembered from their childhoods in the Midwest and East. Today, Top Round is known for its roast beef, which is roasted for 10 hours in the restaurant before assuming its place of honor in made-to-order sandwiches. The old-school roast beef sandwich is taken up a notch here with additions such as blue cheese, barbecue sauce or even Cheese Whiz.

Top Round now has two eateries in California and has expanded out of state to Kentucky and Texas. At each location, they have a commitment to all-natural, freshly prepared ingredients. Their goal is simple: to give hungry carnivores a choice besides another gourmet burger bar.

In addition to the roast beef sandwiches, Top Round offers crispy chicken sandwiches in which the chicken is marinated in buttermilk and pickle juice. Their "Chicken Cali" comes with avocados, of course. And for veggie lovers, they have salads, grilled cheeses and even a "Veggie Cali" with lettuce, tomato, avocado and ranch on a sesame bun.

As Top Round continues to expand, the focus, according to Steven, will remain on quality, with everything being fresh and nothing—other than their frozen custard desserts—ever seeing the inside of a freezer!

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