Califonia Bountiful

From the editors: We got this

May/June 2018 California Bountiful magazine

Sure, we have sunny skies, sandy beaches, beautiful mountains and deserts, amazing food and some of the world's coolest cities. That doesn't mean life in California is without its problems—but you won't see us shying away from a challenge. Instead, we rise to the occasion to find solutions that are sometimes surprising.

What happens when there's no market for the exotic flower you've fallen in love with? You go out and create one. That's just what one flower farmer did.

What do you do when a rare native songbird takes shelter in your grain fields? California dairy farmers stepped up to help save them through a collaborative program.

Making sparkling wine the old-fashioned way takes more time? That didn't stop this winemaker from introducing the method to one of the state's fastest-growing wine regions.

Who do you turn to when a housing shortage makes it difficult to hire enough employees and puts the harvest in jeopardy? One company built its own solution—literally, brick by brick.

Sometimes saving the day is as simple as getting dinner on the table. Meet a busy family that solves that dilemma by turning to home-delivered meal kits loaded with California's bounty.

And if your problem is where to find great stories celebrating the people and products of our fertile state, well—sometimes the solution is right in front of you! Enjoy these stories and more in this issue of California Bountiful.

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