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Strawberries 101 with Tracy

Enjoy strawberries down to the last bite with this hack and recipe from Tracy!

Strawberries: They're one of our favorite fruits, right? But my one issue with strawberries is—the stem. When I'm trimming it off, sometimes I remove too much, thus wasting some of the delicious fruit. Ugh!

But there's a way to avoid that, and it's with the help of something we probably all have in our drawers: a straw! Simply insert the straw in the bottom of the strawberry and gently twist upward. Before you know it, the hull (the inner part of the strawberry) is gone and the stem pops right off.

And here's one of my favorite ways to use strawberries. This is a little unexpected too because it's a savory dish—not a sweet dish, but still a real crowd-pleaser. Enjoy!

Balsamic strawberries and goat cheese crostini

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