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Enzo Olive Oil

Family has deep roots in California agriculture

Behind every great food item made in California is an even greater story, and the story of Enzo Olive Oil is no exception. Filling each bottle is a century-long saga of a family, their farm and their dreams for success. It all started in 1914 when Vincenzo Ricchiuti emigrated from Italy in the hopes of building a better future for his family.

A vegetable grower, Vincenzo passed his knowledge and passion to future generations of Ricchiutis, who started PR Farms in Clovis in the 1940s. Today, it's his grandson Pat Ricchiuti and great-grandson Vincent who are continuing the family farming business. That includes 350 acres of olives used for making Ezno Olive Oil, which gets its name from patriarch Vincenzo's nickname.

"Enzo Olive Oil is my family's business and we grow 100 percent of our olives ourselves, so everything is estate grown and 100 percent organic," Vincent said. "What that means is, every olive that goes into every bottle is from a tree planted by us and harvested, picked and bottled by us."

Having that hands-on experience allows the family to oversee every step of the process, including meticulous care of their olive trees. After machine picking in the fall, the family rushes the harvest to their nearby mill, where it's quickly moved through the oil-making process to ensure a freshness you can taste.

From delicate to bold to fruity and even infused oils, Enzo Olive Oil is garnering new fans across the state and also locally at places like The Annex Kitchen, an Italian-inspired restaurant in nearby Fresno. Combining classic dishes while drawing inspiration from local farms is what Executive Chef Jimmy Pardini is all about. And being childhood friends with Vincent, it was pretty much a given that Enzo Olive Oil would find its way onto Jimmy's menu!

Back in Clovis, the family operates Enzo's Table, a retail outlet they hope inspires others to create their own olive oil masterpieces. The Ricchiutis say everything they sell here is something they'd be honored to have at their own table—thus the name. Local produce and artisanal goods are showcased, as is the wide variety of olive oils the family produces and loves to share.

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