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Lettuce 101 with Tracy

Tracy shows you easy ways to keep lettuce fresh!

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I enjoy lettuce pretty much year-round. Summer, spring, fall or winter, it's in my refrigerator, so all year long, I'm trying to keep it fresh. There are lots of ways to store lettuce, but my favorite way is the paper towel method.

Here's how: Thoroughly wash your lettuce. Dry it well with a paper towel and then wrap in a new paper towel. Place in a large plastic bag or plastic container and put in your vegetable crisper. You could also use a cotton dish towel because cotton absorbs moisture better than any other material. Either way, the main thing to remember is that moisture is the mortal enemy of crisp, fresh lettuce!

Here's a great way to eat lettuce, either as a main dish or a side:
• Greek salad in a leaf

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