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Pat's 15-Minute Garden: Pumpkin vase

September/October 2018 California Bountiful magazine

Pumpkins make unique floral arrangements

I'm always looking for flower arrangements and table decorations—from the garden, of course—that are outside the box. This time of year, pumpkins make a perfect floral centerpiece. The secret is the container holding the water and the flowers is inside the pumpkin. And it's so easy!

  1. Choose a pumpkin slightly taller than the container you want to use. Make sure it's flat enough on the bottom to sit upright. For a container, I used a quart- or pint-sized canning jar. You can use a can, a vase or whatever you have on hand.
  2. Cut a hole in the top of the pumpkin big enough to slip your container inside. I used the container as a pattern and traced a circle around it on the pumpkin. Cut straight down, not at an angle, or the container won't fit inside. Scoop out the seeds.
  3. Place the container inside, add water and arrange your flowers. I've used roses, cornstalks, sprigs of ivy, coneflower, oregano, yarrow, nandina—whatever I have in the garden.

A series of miniature pumpkins with tiny arrangements (use votive holders for the vases) looks great on the dinner table, or a series of different sizes. These also make great hostess gifts.

Have fun!

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