Califonia Bountiful

From the editors: Eureka!

September/October 2018 California Bountiful magazine

Discovery is at the heart of California's identity. One golden discovery in 1848 drew fortune-seekers from far and wide. But history would tell that prosperity was to be found not only in our state's rocky riverbanks. California's gold also lay in her fertile fields and ranchlands.

Today, there are plenty more riches to unearth. We bring you some of our favorite finds in this issue of California Bountiful.

Meet the jujube, a crunchy, sweet and often overlooked autumn fruit. You might fall in love at first bite, just as one artisanal pastry chef did.

Uncover the point where earth meets spirit and an unlikely partnership that bears a blessed fruit: how etrog citrons used to observe the Jewish holiday Sukkot took root in California soil.

Taste the sweet, surprising new flavors of milk now available in old-fashioned glass bottles.

Be amazed at the creative power of California students who wrote and illustrated fiction inspired by agriculture.

And learn the reason agricultural lands make good neighbors, offering a buffer against blazes in our wildfire-prone state.

These and more gems await you, within our pages—and throughout the state every day. Let's discover them together.

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