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A day at Wilson Creek Winery

We visit Southern California's most popular wine destinations!

When Gerry and Rosie Wilson decided to retire and start a winery, their first choice was Temecula. They had always loved the area's people and weather—and, interestingly, those are two of the factors that have made their business so successful.

Another decision the couple made was to turn their retirement project into a family affair. The Wilsons opened their dream winery to the public in 2000, and it's now one of the most visited in the ever-growing Temecula Valley wine region. Wilson Creek Winery offers amenities including a tasting room, restaurant and wedding venue, and has become known for its almond sparkling wine—with 50,000 cases produced last year.

The Temecula Valley wine region has more than 40 licensed wineries, and 2018 marks the 50th anniversary of the first modern commercial vineyard being planted in the area.

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