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Babé Farms

In a world where bigger usually equates to better, this family farm is just fine offering small bites that lead to a world of possibilities!

Located in the fertile Santa Maria Valley, Babé Farms is a year-round grower, packer and shipper of some of the finest specialty produce around. Started in 1986 by a group of farmers, the company has found success by being somewhat unique. What makes the farm special? Well, how about the size of their produce! You might have guessed it from their name, but almost everything grown here is a baby version of its full-size counterpart.

In addition to those baby vegetables, Babé Farms was one of the first to introduce packaged European salad mixes. Today, Babé Farms has grown up in a sense and is harvesting 70 varieties of practically every shape, size and color of gourmet vegetable there is.

All of which is good news for Chef Maili Halme of the Far Western Tavern in Orcutt. As any great chef will tell you, they're only as good as their ingredients. And for Chef Maili, these are the best: They're local, they're fresh and they offer an opportunity for her to turn an empty plate into a colorful masterpiece.

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