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Ampersand Ice Cream

Fresno shop serves up small-batch artisanal ice cream from local produce

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Back in 2015, when Jeff and Amelia Bennett set out to start a new business, they knew they wanted to do two things: first, make what they love (good ice cream) and second, do business in their beloved hometown (Fresno). The two-fold goal, they reasoned, would help them achieve their ultimate goal of having an ice-cold product create a warm community feeling.

With the plentiful supply of produce all around them in Fresno—home to some of the most productive farmland in the world—it's not surprising they're making flavors that taste out of this world! Bolstered by local nuts, fruit, honey, eggs and milk, they're coming up with flavors like strawberry balsamic, berry basil, honeycomb and whiskey caramel, to name a few of their more unique offerings.

Also unique is how they make their ice cream. While many shops buy a dairy base to make their ice cream, the folks at Ampersand make their own by simply combining milk, cream and eggs. They also whip up everything on-site and from scratch, from cookies to waffle cones to any one of their ice creams. Today with a second location recently opening, the couple knows it's not just the way the ice cream tastes, but how it makes you feel that keeps customers coming back.

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