Califonia Bountiful

DIY Gardening 101

Planting your Mediterranean garden just got easier, thanks to the tips of a pro!

One of the best parts of a Mediterranean garden, especially here in California, is that the plants are mostly water thrifty. They've adapted to survive long, hot summers with little rainfall, so they're low maintenance and water wise and perfect for any DIYer!

Kristina Lacayo of Green Acres Nursery in Elk Grove says Mediterranean gardens can also be pleasing to the eye because of their variety and beauty. She suggests using fragrant herbs like lavender and rosemary to start your garden. They are a great addition to a Mediterranean garden for esthetic reasons and culinary reasons too!

"They are great multitaskers," she said.  

Also good for multitasking is a tree that isn't just ornamental and can be harvested—for olives, lemons, pomegranates or leaves. She suggests considering Meyer lemon trees and a row of Italian cypress to complete your Mediterranean garden.

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