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Gourmet Mushrooms

Visit the California farm growing more varieties of culinary and nutraceutical mushrooms than any other farm in the United States!

Sonoma County is known for growing some of the best winegrapes in the world, but beyond those vines you'll find Gourmet Mushrooms. As the name might suggest, these are not your average mushroom. The farm was started more than 40 years ago by growing an oddly named (but soon to be popular) fungi called shitake. Gourmet Mushrooms was actually the first to grow shitake mushrooms commercially in the U.S. and today the company harvests more than seven varieties of organic mushrooms inside its 60,000-square-foot farm in Sebastopol.

No matter which mushroom they grow here, they're all harvested the same way: Workers cut the top of the mushrooms off from their growing container and then trim any substrate that may remain. From there the mushrooms are weighed, bagged and sent to some of America's finest restaurants, specialty food wholesalers and gourmet grocery stores.

Although these funny-looking, oddly named products are ones that folks may have shied away from in the past because of their unfamiliarity, specialty mushrooms are today one of the fastest growing segments in produce. And now harvesting more than 1 million pounds of mushrooms a year, Gourmet Mushrooms is—you guessed it—putting the fun back in "fun-gi!"

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