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Gardening: Gardening 101: Thrillers, spillers and fillers

Learn how to plant a container that is sure to sparkle!

For a gorgeous flower container, Kristina Lacayo of Green Acres Nursery and Supply in Northern California suggests you use three types of plants that perform different functions but also work in harmony: thrillers, spillers and fillers.

As their name might imply, thriller flowers are the drama of the container. Kristina recommends planting them in the middle so they can be seen on all sides. She also advises starting with them and then picking your other plants to accompany them.

Filler flowers will make your container plant look full and lush. They are usually placed around the thriller plant to add mass to the container and fill it up. 

Spiller flowers are trailing plants that hang over the edge of the container; as such, they should be planted toward the edge of the container.

Kristina adds that both spillers and fillers should complement the thriller and not compete for attention, both in size and color. 

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