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California farms contribute to a sweet story

See's Candies has enjoyed long-term relationships with prominent food companies.

Mary See had a plan and stuck with it. The founder of See's Candies wanted a company with high integrity and uncompromising quality and she got it. Eighty-six years later, See's is more popular than ever, selling 30 million pounds of candy a year.

See started the company while a grandmother at the age of 71. Times weren't always so sweet for this company, as See's had to survive the Depression and the sugar and butter rationing during World War II.

California dairies and orchards play a key role in the company's success. See's has enjoyed long-term relationships with some of California's most prominent food companies, to ensure a steady and high-quality supply of ingredients. The San Joaquin Valley-based Challenge Dairy has been the only butter supplier See's Candies has ever had.

"We're very proud of our relationship with See's," said John Whetten, Challenge's president and chief executive officer. "We feel that See's is the finest candy in the U.S. and we try very hard to keep them happy. They are quality and we are quality. They are a family run organization and we are a family run organization."

See's also draws an extensive amount of almonds from Blue Diamond Growers, the Sacramento-based cooperative.

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