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Teamwork brings success for farmers, cheesemakers and pizza parlors

Mozzarella is the key ingredient for this cast of characters.

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Almost every type of food, from stir-fry to french fries, is covered in the phonebook under the generic heading "Restaurants." Only pizza stands alone. Pizza parlors fill the landscape, with each one offering its own take on one of our favorite meals. Whether it's got pepperoni, sausage or spinach on it, everyone loves pizza, and they definitely like it their way.

For the last 10 years, they've been making it their own special way at Bronx Pizza in downtown San Diego. Although some may say that the cast of characters here is the most important part to this pizza parlor's success, others will argue that the real secret lies in the ingredients at Bronx Pizza. The sauce is made from fresh tomatoes, the dough is hand-tossed and the cheese is as fresh as it comes--right from one of the leading cheese producers in the state, Mozzarella Fresca.

Mozzarella Fresca produces a variety of products including water-packed fresh mozzarella and vacuum-sealed fresh mozzarella, which is perfect for sandwiches and, of course, for pizza. Today, the little cheese company that could has grown to produce more than 400,000 pounds of cheese each week.

All of the milk at Mozzarella Fresca comes from farmers within a 20-mile radius of the plant, which brings us to Pete Vander Poel. A fourth-generation farmer, Pete is responsible for more than 1900 cows at his Tulare dairy, and for producing the most important element to great cheese--great milk.

Because of that teamwork among the farmers in the milk basket of California, the cheesemakers of Mozzarella Fresca and the cast of characters at Bronx Pizza, these days, it's OK to be a little cheesy as long as you ask for extra mozzarella on your next slice of pizza.

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