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Hamburger Farm educates and entertains

Kids of all ages find out what goes into making the all-American meal at one special farm in the Central Valley.

From simple and comforting to sophisticated and elegant--hamburgers are easy to enjoy. Over the years they have become an icon of American cuisine. And at one special farm in the Central Valley, kids of all ages get to find out what goes into making the all-American meal!

At The Hamburger Farm you won't find actual hamburgers being harvested, of course, but you will find just about everything else that goes into making the all-time favorite. Tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers and wheat are just a few of the crops visitors get to harvest. And thanks to some special hands-on activities, kids, and even some parents, are able to truly understand how food gets from the ground to their grocery stores.

Located in the small town of Wheatland, the farm is the brainchild of Sandy Bishop. A former teacher, in 1973 Sandy planted about an acre of pumpkins in a small field in front of the house and invited the local schools to come out on field trips. The field trips proved popular, and Sandy and her husband Bill soon learned that many of the kids wanted to bring their families back on the weekends. Before long an annual autumn tradition was born.

As the Bishops go into another year of successful field trips, the project that started simply as a way to increase revenue in the off-season has grown into something so much bigger--a way for kids of all ages to truly understand what it's like to be a farmer and enjoy the fruits of their labor, all on one special trip to the hamburger farm!

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