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Rich soil feeds community at Good Humus Farm

It took just one woman and one vision to start the wildly successful Davis Farmers Market.

By the looks of things now you would probably never guess that it took just one woman and one vision for bringing the best produce to the people to start the wildly successful Davis Farmers Market.

Annie Main is the woman behind it all. It was her love for agriculture, and a need for a school project at UC Davis, that led her to form the Davis Farmers Market with only a handful of farmers back in 1976.

"At that time there were hardly any farmers markets in the state, except for a few in San Francisco and Los Angeles, so I decided to give it a go," said Annie.

Annie and her husband, Jeff, said even though the market got off to a slow start it was their passion for community and farming that helped them push their dreams forward. It was also what led them to start Good Humus Farm in Capay Valley. Named after the Latin word for soil, the Good Humus farm is all about diversity. Taking advantage of the rich soil and the mild climate in Northern California's Yolo County, the couple now grows everything from herbs and fruit to vegetables and flowers.

Through hard work and determination the couple has carved out a successful farm and business that they hope to keep for some time. They are now in the process of permanently preserving Good Humus through an agricultural easement. This will facilitate a future of not only ongoing stewardship and healthy local food production, but also a commitment to community and place.

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