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Ravishing radish

With its odd shape and red or pink color, radishes are extremely easy to grow.

Located in the tiny, quiet town of Newcastle in Placer County, the Natural Trading Company is a small farm owned and operated by a family of three—Caren Hamilton, Bryan Kaminsky and their 10-year-old daughter Lauren.

The farm boasts a wide variety of produce—everything from persimmons to tomatoes thrive here. But surprisingly, what they’ve found the most success with is something we eat all the time but may take for granted-radishes.

“The nice thing about radishes is that they have a very fast growing cycle, you plant them directly in the soil, direct seed them and they’re ready to harvest in about a month,” said Caren Hamilton.

With its odd shape and red or pink color, Caren says the root vegetable is extremely easy to grow. The main variety they grow at the farm is something called the “French Breakfast” radish. But sine radishes can be grown spring, summer, fall and Winter, there are lots of varieties and lots of sizes and colors to enjoy.

At the nearby Persimmon Café in Lincoln, chef Laura Caballero says she likes to work with the tiny vegetable because they’re extremely versatile and once you know what to do with them, you’ll discover there are a lot of ways to eat them.

“We glaze them, we mix them in vinaigrettes, we use them in salsas, so there’s definitely a lot of different applications for them,” Caballero said.

And both chefs and farmers agree no matter how you enjoy them, be sure to pay a little more attention to radishes the next time you see them!

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