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An honest day's work

Farrier and horses connect with more than just shoe and nail.

Bob Burdekin is a professional farrier.

A farrier is a member of the blacksmith trade, whose specialty is to put shoes on horses' feet and to also look at and correct any leg problems that the horse might have.

"My favorite part," says Bob, "is working with horses. The horses are dependable. They have a set of rules that they follow, they never cut corners and they never deviate from the pattern.

"I'm called the horse whisperer. I think that most horse whisperers whisper, but their horses never listen.

"The aspect of being a horse whisperer is nothing more than being able to communicate—understand what the horse is trying to tell you.

"The one thing that most people have to learn about horses is to relax. Most people are intimidated by the size—men, especially, they become this macho maniac to show the horse that they're big and strong and can handle the situation. When you get like that, you create a problem. When you backup, take a deep breath and relax, the horse relaxes and the problem goes away.

"The only secret I have, and I don't really keep it as a secret, is that I have a gift. I've been taught to use that gift in a way that not only makes the horse's life better, it makes it better between people and animals."

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