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Homegrown in Paso Robles

California family produces world-class olive oils.

“This year’s crop looks absolutely gorgeous,” said Joeli Yaguda, owner of Pasolivo Olive Oil. “The weather is just perfect.”

While farmers like Joeli may thank Mother Nature for the beautiful olives at her ranch in Paso Robles, the olives, in turn, should be thanking Joeli. It’s primarily because of her meticulous care of each tree and devotion to the land she lives on that her family’s olive oil company is one of the most recognized ones around.

Just like the acreage the family now watches over, the company’s success continues to grow. In 2007 Pasolivo was named one of the best oils in the world by an international food journal—the only American olive oil to ever hold that distinction. Today the company has more than 140 acres of trees that they harvest, all by hand, with a lot of TLC and a lot of skill.

Once the olives are harvested, they are washed, milled and ground. A paste is formed, which is then pressed until all the water is removed and nothing but the precious liquid gold remains. After sitting in tanks, the oils are bottled and labeled and ready to be enjoyed. Pasolivo produces anywhere from 2,000 to 4,000 gallons of homegrown oils a year. And it doesn’t get more locally produced than this: Olives, oil and the tasting room are only a few feet from each other—ensuring freshness, quality and a difference you can taste.

Production and consumption of olive oil in the state are at an all-time high—something Gary Brown also knows a thing or two about at his We Olive store in downtown San Luis Obispo. He noticed the growing trend in olive oil a few years back and opened the store in 2003 as a way for people to taste olive oil just like they taste wine.

All agree, quality artisan olive oils have a taste you just can’t replicate. They can transform dishes from mundane to magical with just one drizzle. But for farmers like Joeli Yaguda, the real reward is in knowing their family makes a product other families can enjoy—down to the last drop!

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