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Know your farmer, know your food

Jan./Feb. 2010 California Country magazine

“Every family needs a farmer. Do you know yours?”

That’s the question the U.S. Department of Agriculture asks in a new program launched to strengthen the link between consumers and the people who provide their food. The social media tools on the USDA’s Web site are designed to help.

“Because more than 80 percent of our population lives in suburban and metropolitan areas, when we think of food, we more often think of the grocery store than the farm,” said Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack. “There is a disconnect between the farm and the food that consumers buy and we want to reconnect these long-standing ties between the people who produce the food and those who purchase and prepare it.”

California is the nation’s top ag state, producing nearly 400 different agricultural commodities. Leave a comment below about who your favorite California farmer is and why, or e-mail us at

Who is your favorite farmer?

"My dad is my favorite. He is a great farmer/rancher and he stays involved in numerous organizations... standing up for all farmers/ranchers." -Lisa

"My husband is, for too many reasons to mention." -Sheryl

"My dad and brother... they work many hours and it is such a hard business! But it is in their blood and they just want to farm until the day they can't! I love that commitment just to feed us!" -RaeAnn

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