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Soil Born Farms

Kids enjoy a day on the farm—and a new generation of potential farmers learns about agriculture.

For the kids visiting Soil Born Farms in Sacramento, there is no better way to see firsthand just how their favorite vegetables grow.

"I got to pull up four carrots and a turnip," said Jacob Dean, a young visitor who said he was interested in farming as a possible profession. "I was surprised at how hard it was to pull it up!"

The Kids Day on the Farm class is held annually at Soil Born Farms and is also sponsored by the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op. Both groups are trying to get the next generation of potential farmers interested in food and agriculture.

"If children in particular touch and feel it and help put seeds in the ground, they are going to put this stuff in their bodies," said Shawn Harrison of Soil Born Farms. "If we can plant little seeds in the ground and in their minds today, maybe they'll be healthier people tomorrow."

Soil Born Farms is a nonprofit organization that specializes in producing and supporting urban organic produce and keeping it readily accessible to the public. For the last three years, the staff has been farming 25 acres within the American River Parkway. The land actually dates back to the 1800s when it was used as a farm as well. Today it's full of productivity, growing about 60 crops including Swiss chard, lettuce, greens, beets and radishes.

During the harvest seasons, much of the 200 pounds of produce grown on the farm will end up going to local food banks or will be sold at about a half-dozen local food stands.

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